A Familiar Place: Ending Options

Some typewritten notes from I don't know when. Probably 2005.

I usually think of my ending first, but I've struggled with the ending of A Familiar Place. My first draft felt like the end of Fight Club, and I really hate the ending of Fight Club. After I had a son, I rewrote the ending – he ends up killing the boyfriend, doesn't kill his wife, (doesn't kill himself in front of his children (Jesus, what was I thinking?) and only ends up realizing what he's about to do right at the end, and ends up being taken by police. In the back of the squad car he sees the X on the garage door he marked.

I want to take a stab at this. It really should feel like if I cut a trailer to this film, it should be set to the Talking Heads, Once In A Lifetime 

And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?

And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!

Drunkenness & Cruelty

"I just don't know...why?"

"I told you already. I can't do this anymore."

"I know you said that."

"I can't. I'm done. I'm going to Paris."

"You're going to Paris?"


"Paris? France?"

"Yes. Paris, France."

"You don't speak French."

"You can barely speak English, but you do OK here."

The Investigation


A detective is hired by a man to find out if his wife ever loved him.

She chews her nails.

(5-6 min) Episode Two: Sophie.


Location: Posh hotel hallway.


Sophie is the type of girl who is completely dangerous, distant. Her relationships are volatile, draining. She’s contemptuous, violent. A photographer.   


The end of a relationship. He’s older. Bit of money.


We should feel that this is the ending of an earlier series. He gives her money just before he gets on the elevator. It closes. She stands there. Next she walks slowly back down to the end of the hall. Enters room.


Cut to: She’s wearing gown in what looks like a hospital corridor. She chews her nails. She has bandages on both of her wrists. Someone calls her name. She gets up. End. 

"she's such a slut"

Prologue? (4-5 min) Episode One: Emily

Locations: Emily’s bedroom. Bathroom. Club.

Emily has a drunken one night stand.

One month later - She thinks she’s pregnant. Upon finding out that she isn’t she goes out to a club with girl friends. We see her making out in the corner with a guy (later see him again). Cut to: a girl saying that she’s “such a slut.”



Int. House - Day

EMILY’S bare feet with bruised legs move slowly across the floor of strewn with mattresses, bedding and articles of women’s clothing.

She is wrapped in blankets, but otherwise naked.

She looks like hell; hair a rats nest, lips chapped, thin.

A young black girl is curled up behind her sleeping in the fetal position. An asian girl sits staring at nothing. They are in a makeshift brothel.

Cold winter light comes into the room through a knot hole in the PLYWOOD covering the windows.

Emily walks toward the light. She presses her face against the the plywood and looks out through the knot hole.

Emily’s POV though knot hole

Snow falls outside. Trees can be seen.

Emily looks away

and leans against the wall. She begins to slowly peel away a piece of plywood veneer with her fingers.

Her hands are delicate, pale. Her nails: chewed down with the chips of nail polish showing.

She breaks off a piece of veneer then begins to scrape and peel another.


Sometimes, in order to prevent a long painful and pointless existence, you have to make a choice. You have two options, and two options only. One: Kill yourself.

She tears off a piece of plywood that is as sharp as a knife.


Two: Kill others.

Her eyes stare coldly forward.

Fall + Winter Collection 09


I said I was having your love child.

Long pause.


That's not funny. Tell me you didn't say that to her? Jesus.


Yes. I need a cigarette.


Ava? Don't mess with me here.


I do need a cigarette, you left me waiting for 45 minutes.


No, no. What did my wife say? Ava?


Oh, I don't know. She swore a lot at me. Called me all sorts of names. She said she was going to go to her lawyer.


Oh God. She'll take everything.

He gets up frantically. He runs off and out the door. She finishes her drink.


So will I.

film as magazine.


postmodern girls

brutal dialogue

complete honesty and completly fake (fashion photography)

destroy everything they touch.

tennis court.

ungentelmen (look nice, but are fucks)

marketing: download and remix film. Add your own commercials.

a wall with a rail, or a small bar to set drinks on and lean against seperating a wallpaper background in half. A woman drinks wine and a white guy plays on his blackberry - a black guy talks out of frame (from a photo)

A film as magazine.

Emily and Chlöe


EMILY (21) wearing a BRA and T&A SWEATS, shaves her armpit with her arm raised above her head.

She washes the GILLETTE razor in the sink.

When she is finished with freshly shaved armpits, she stops for a moment, looks down at her waist and loosens her waistband. She checks out her pubic area (not on screen).


A Rock Star and A Groupie.

INT. CAR DEALERSHIP - DAY THOM (27) sits inside a NEW AUTOMOBILE*. He adjusts the seat and shifts gears in NEUTRAL.


I dunno.


Why don't you just buy it?


It's an advance. I have to pay it back.


So what? I heard the album. You'll make it back, double platinum.


Seats heated?


Heated seats, that's right.


Buy it Thom. It looks good on you. Like a jacket but faster.


What's the warrenty like?


68,000 clicks for the engine. 110,000 for maintenance. We have extra protection.


Extra-strength, ribbed and lubricated.

(leans over; whispers)

I want to fuck you in this car.

Between the seats.


Baby, we're still in the showroom.


I like it like that.

Roy & Vicky

Roy Hopkins and Vicki Valentino are driving down a country road near the river. Roy’s attention is to the passenger side of the road.

“Look at that car! Vic.”

“What am I lookin at? “

“That car.”


“Down near the river. Crashed up.”

“Wow,that’s a crashed up car, Roy.”

“What’d I just say.”

Roy pulls over to the side of the road.He gets out and heads toward the car. Vicky reluctantly exits. She starts to smoke.

Roy walks up and takes a survey of the car. It crashed hard into a tree.Two bodies are dead inside.

Roy looks at their crashed-up, broken bodies. The dead men are wearing nice well tailored suits. The passenger has a sharp striped tie. His right wrist has a handcuff to it with a chain leading to the dead man’s feet where a case made of titanium sits.


“What Roy?”

“Vicky, come look at this case on this man’s arm.”

“I don’t wanna look Roy.”


“No, I don’t wanna look.”

“Just come here for Godsake. Look at this case?”

“This better not be gross, Roy. “

“It’s not gross. C’mon, they’re dead. They can’t hurt ya.”

“Oh, I dunno.”

“They’re sure dead Roy.”

“That’s what I said, Vic. Look at this case. I ain’t ever seen a case like that before. Have you?”

“Nah, uh, Roy. Let’s go.”

“No, I want to know what’s in the case, Don’t you want to know?”

“Jesus Christ Roy. Are you daft? They’re dead. Let’s get out of here before we are too.”

“Yeah, but what’s in the case?”

“I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either.”

“Maybe we’re the first. The first here. Maybe they swerved off the road here. See you can see the tracks. They hit this tree, Bang! Just like that. Dead. Both of em. Just like that. Make’s you think.”

“Yeah makes me think I’m going to prison if I stick around with you.”

“I wanna know what’s in the case. I ain’t never seen a case like that before. Pretty important if it’s on his wrist like that.“


“What if it’s money?”

“Do you really think so." Suddenly she was interested. She liked money. “No? Why would they leave the case if it was money.”

“Who said anybody left anything. I’m telling you, they smashed into this tree here. And we’re the first people here on the scene. This is a real find, Vic. We could be rich.

“I dunno. Why would he have it tied to his wrist like that?”

“He didn’t want to lose it.”

“Secret documents. Maybe.”

“Well secret documents are worth money. I’m opening the case.”


“I can’t find a key.”

“Roy! C’mon before someone sees us.”

“I’m going to have to hack it off.”


“Go hide over there and tell me if someone’s comin’. I’m gonna hack it off. “

Roy pulls out his pen knife.


“Just fucking hide over there and tell me if someone is comin'. Can you do that? Can you?

“I can do that. I hate you.”

“I hate you too, baby.Now tell me if someone is comin’.And look away. Okay. Don’t look at me for a few minutes. You don’t want to see this.”

“Oh, god Roy.”

Vicky goes up near the Road. She looks out. She looks back and can see Roy cutting away at the wrist.She looks pale.

A car is coming up the road.

She whistles.

Roy finished up. He cuts the hand off and not knowing what to do with it, throws it in the river.He takes the suitcase and walks down to the water.

Vicky whistles again.

He cleans himself up and hides away.

The cardrives by Vicky, and then slows down a bit. A man and a woman are in the car. Then the car speeds up again and goes off.

Roy comes up the hill with the case.

“Lot of blood. Lot of blood.”

“Don’t get any on me.”

“Ah,I won’t. This case is really heavy. Vic.”

Roy drags the case up the car.He opens the door of the car, throws the case in the back seat.

“Get in,”

Vicky extinguish her cigarette and gets in the car.

Roy drives away and takes one last look at the river.

Cpl. (Corporal) / WWI Horror

main character is wearing a gas mask during an assault on German soldiers in WWI - as are others, that goes bad when the wind shifts, and a nerve gas that causes complete insanity and psychopathic behavior fall on their own troops with faulty gas masks. Was initially made to cause disorder among the German ranks.

initially, it starts off as bad decision making, orders not being followed. Getting lost. Different phases of the gas. Troops discover that their gas masks leak. Men fire on each other, bombard own troops. Surgeons preform unnecessary surgeries.  People see things that don't exist. They group up against others - tie them up, punish them, execute etc. Eventually, men affected kill one another, mutilate themselves, think they are animals etc, eat human flesh. Until they die.


Phase 1: Mania. Nervous restlessness. Phase 2: Hyper awareness, mild neurosis. Phase 3: impaired decision making, thought disorder. strong neurosis - obsessive compulsive, pyromania, phobic avoidance, lethargy, disturbing thoughts. God complex. Irresistible impulses, abusive behavior Phase 4. psychopathic behavior 1  Superficial charm and average intelligence. 2  Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking. 3  Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations. 4  Unreliability. 5  Untruthfulness and insincerity. 6  Lack of remorse or shame. 7  Antisocial behavior without apparent compunction. 8  Poor judgement and failure to learn from experience. 9  Pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love. 10  General poverty in major affective reactions. 11  Specific loss of insight. 12  Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations. 13  Fantastic and uninviting behavior with drink, and sometimes without. 14  Suicide threats rarely carried out. 15  Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated. Phase 5: hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations, where unusual sensory experiences or thoughts appear during waking or drifting off to sleep. Elimination of Ego/ ID, peacefulness. Phase 6: Paranoid delusions, primary and secondary, monothematic delusions: capgrass (friends, spouse objects replaced by something, something else) ▪  Capgras delusion is the belief that (usually) a close relative or spouse has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor. ▪  Fregoli delusion is the belief that various people that the believer meets are actually the same person in disguise. ▪  Intermetamorphosis is the belief that people in the environment swap identities with each other whilst maintaining the same appearance. ▪  Subjective doubles, in which a person believes there is a doppelganger or double of him or herself carrying out independent actions. ▪  Cotard delusion is the belief that oneself is dead or does not exist; sometimes coupled with the belief that they are putrifying or missing their internal organs. ▪  Mirrored self-misidentification is the belief that one's reflection in a mirror is some other person. ▪  Reduplicative paramnesia is the belief that a familiar person, place, object or body part has been duplicated. For example, a person may believe that they are in fact not in the hospital to which they were admitted, but an identical-looking hospital in a different part of the country. ▪  Unilateral neglect is the delusion where one denies ownership of a limb or an entire side of ones body (often connected with stroke). ▪  delusions of alien control are delusions that someone or something else is controlling ones actions. ▪  thought insertion is the delusion that someone else is putting words or thoughts in one's brain. Phase 7: violent behavior against others Phase 8: Complete insanity, no rational behaviors. Extreme violent behavior. Phase 9: Cannibalism, blood lust. mutilation. Clinical Lycanthropy, thoughts of being changed into an animal etc. Catatonia, corporealism, blindness, loss of senses. Phase 10: Death.

Possible scenario is that main character is affected, may be an antidote. Follow multiple men as they run around delusional. For instance, one man finds himself calling himself and finds that he is in a shell hole drowning in mud, he then suffocates  man and himself.  Someone sees "Angel of Death," perhaps woman with wings on horseback in noman's land.

One man survives, executed by Generals who will not admit their mistake.

Jack and Angela, Victorville California.

EXT. EZ-8 Motel-California. morning.

The convertible is parked outside the EZ 8 MOTEL.


Angela sits in the sink looking into the mirror, applying mascara to her eyes. She finishes her eyes, hops down from the sink and walks into


where Jack is sprawled out, face down asleep.

Angela jumps up on the bed and bounces up and down several times above Jack.



Get up!, get up!, get up!

Jack opens his eyes annoyed. He puts a pillow onto of his head.


Jack, get up!, get up!, get up!

Jack takes the pillow off of his head and turns over.


Get Up! I want to go see Roy Rogers today.

Jack roll over again.


“TRIGGER” mounted, stands up on his hind legs, stuffed in all his glory.

Jack, bemused looks at the horse among Roy Rogers and Dale Evans memorabilia. The museum is dark and crowded with photos, dioramas, and guns.

Angela walks in the background looking at the different exhibits.

She finds something interesting and takes her camera out.

A MUSEUM EMPLOYEE, catches Angela about to take a photo.


Ma’am, I’m sorry you can't use your flash in here.

He points at a sign. “No Flash Photography”.



Angela wanders over to Jack looking at Roy and Dale’s REMINGTON Collection.

Jack points at the guns.


Did you see Trigger?


Yeah. Dale’s horse is over there.

Jack looks over at Dale Evans Stuffed horse “BUTTERMILK”.


Can I turn the flash off?

She hands the camera to Jack. He examines it.


Angela takes the camera back from him and puts it back in her purse disappointed.


Jack and Angela walk out toward the car.

An oversized “Trigger” monument is outside, the fort like museum.

A BUS full of JAPANESE TOURISTS, has stopped.Japanese men, women, and children, dressed similarly exit the bus, and proceed to take snapshots.

A TOUR-LEADER speaks in Japanese and instructs the group about the museum.

Jack opens the door of the car for Angela.

He watches the tourists as he walks around to the drivers side of the car.

They sit for a moment and then Jack starts the car.

He pulls out onto the the I-15 towards Baker California.

Angela stares out the window.

Fake Plastic Girl

 ACT 1  



Voice Over, the Robotgirl  is attacked by her enemies. Black and White, grainy with colour, super-8, step printed at times and rotoscoped animated. Snow falls. They nearly destroy the android girl, her arch nemesis setting her on fire after a savage beating. She lays in the snow, surrounded, dying...




Home. A head bandaged. We can only tell it's a girl because of her robes. Her hands are also bandaged. She’s been heavily damaged. The family home is nice, but nothing special. Very little Asian influence what-so-ever.


Her name is Yuki. It means snow.


Her MOTHER and FATHER and LITTLE BROTHER are in the room, with two plain clothed POLICE DETECTIVES.


They ask her a series of questions. She answers none. The tell her they need her help. She says nothing. They show her photographs of some boys and girls, who, may or may not have taken part. We see them full screen. They all are young, and mostly Asian.



Her Father says that’s enough for today. He tells his wife, daughter and son to leave.


Her mother and brother take Yuki goes up stairs to her room.


The father is well off and mentions this to the detectives saying he will do anything for her. The detectives tell him to let them handle it.


In her room, Yuki tries to sleep.




The Robotgirl lies in the snow. She is recovering, healing, a cat comes to her.


She follows the cat to safety. The cat talks to her and tells her its okay, he can help her if she follows him.




X – Rays.


The doctor explains the procedure to her. Its radical, but the damage is extensive, he has to graft new “skin” on her face and rebuild the bones in her hands and face.


He has to rebuild her.


Fear and tears in the eyes of Yuki, he begins to unravel the mask (we see little, only a suggestion of the damage.)


Table, a light and silhouettes of the doctor and nurse.




The cat leads the Robotgirl into the dark woods. He tells her, that a friend is here and she can have sanctuary. Indeed, the cat leads her to a cave.


They enter. Inside, a light reflects into a pool of water and she sees her face, damaged. She pulls off the skin...





A week later.


Her father drives her home from the private clinic. She sleeps in the car, face still mostly in the shadows, her face is still covered.



Her parents eat at the table. Her father tries to eat normally. Her mother occasionally looks over fearful and tearful and looks back. Her little brother stares.


She tries to eat, sucking out of a straw. She struggles with her bandaged hands on the food. Her brother laughs, and is quickly scolded by his dad.


Yuki leaves the table.


In her room, she stares in the mirror and begins to remove the bandages.


Very slowly. Apprehensive.


And then we see her. She is beautiful, youthful, yet unnatural. Her face, is like wax, or plastic. She touches it and stretches her face.




In the cave, the Robotgirl sits down. She needs to do diagnostics on her systems. Her eye has a red signal that rotates like the start up icon on a Macintosh computer.


She speaks.









Deep, synthetic, unnatural sounds, yet feminine. The cat talks to her, tells her his name. He tells her that a friend will help her soon.


When the checks are over, the Robotgirl follows the cat deeper, and soon the deep sounds of breathing can be heard.


They are approaching an animal that sleeps deep in the cave.


It is a massive brown bear.









Weeks pass.


She’s in her room reading. Yuki has been a shut in since the “incident.”


Her father is concerned about her and wants to help. He thinks she’s too timid and after what happened to her, he thinks it would be a good idea to take martial arts.


She gets in an argument. She can barely walk and doesn’t see how she could do Karate.


The doorbell rings. Her brother opens the door to a large heavy set Asian/Pilipino boy with glasses. He is cheerful, slow moving, intelligent, self deprecating, and painfully intelligent.


Inside her room Yuki shuts herself out to her best friend (for lack of a better name – HERMAN). Herman talks really gentle and Yuki opens up the door. He is taken aback by her appearance. She tries to cry, but can’t and it frustrates her. He consoles her, all the while asking her elaborate seemingly random questions. Her cat, Soma, stays with her.




The bear awakes and talks to the cat while examining the Robotgirl. He begins ask her questions, but the Robot cannot answer. That is okay, the bear knows what to do. He is also a robot. But first, he tells her, that she needs rest and sleep and he would protect her. The cat cleans himself.


She recharges on him.




Yuki lays her head on Herman. She tries to talk, but it hurts and is awkward. She falls asleep.




Daylight. Time has past. The Robotgirl is still weak but must venture outside. The bear and cat follow her out. The cat parts with her but tells her they will meet again.




Herman and Yuki walk outside and talk. Yuki has crutches This is the first time she’s been outside in a while. The air on her “skin” feels odd.


They walk and they see a group of girls, and Yuki immediately seizes.


Who’s the new girlfriend, Fatty?




Herman doesn’t let him faze him. Yuki glares and the girls go quiet.


They make her so mad. She clenches her fists tight and destroys the crutch.


She realizes something unusual has happened. After this, she is tired. She asks Herman to take her home.






Her dad drives her from Pysiotherapy. She decides she would like to try Karate.


Karate Class.


She stands in the back row with the other students and begins excercises. She has trouble.


Fake Plastic Girl No.1

TEASER. (4-5 min.) Winter. An empty schoolyard. Snow on the ground. FOUR JAPANESE GIRLS, all 18 years-old, walk one by one into frame. They are: Kim, the leader; Lucy, the fashionista, Jen, the whore; and Lizzy, the shy one. All smoke and talk about boys. They look very pretty and sweet. A couple of them have faux-fur hoods.

They see SUKI (18) sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. Suki is homely, skinny, wears glasses. Hides her face behind her long hair. Dresses very plainly. Has a pink iPod. Her knapsack has goofy sci-fi/fantasy-themed buttons on it. We never really get a good look at her face. Kim approaches her and asks her her name. Suki is afraid. She does not answer. This enrages Kim. Lucy and Lizzy suggest she is the girl who stole Kim’s boyfriend. Suki tries to leave. They allow her to walk away, but begin to follow. Suki’s pace quickens, then becomes a run. They give chase. In one wide shot, They corner her and beat her. It is savage and unrelenting (shot in real time). They finally leave, although Kim returns for one last kick in the face (and to steal Suki’s pink iPod). Finally, camera pushes in, stopping as Suki’s unmoving form fills frame. There is blood everywhere.

ACT 1. (15-20 min.) Suki lies in a hospital bed. Her mother and little brother visit. Her little brother is bored. He is too young to really understand what has happened. He does not recognize his sister. Her mother cries. A lot. In fact, whenever we see her, she is crying. Suki’s father is away on business, and is unable to visit. However, he sends money and presents, including some of her favorite science-fiction movies, and a player to watch them on. (As the months go by we notice they remain unopened.) A police officer makes repeated visits, although Suki is unable to speak. Series of x-rays are shown. An offscreen doctor discusses with the mother the extent of the injuries: broken jaw, broken nose, compound wrist fracture, three cracked ribs, broken ankle, broken collarbone, four broken fingers; also, three cracked teeth, five facial lacerations, two dozen cuts and abrasions, internal bleeding, and some uterine and kidney damage.

Suki’s father sends money for extra surgeries and operations. It is never specified how long she is in hospital. Suki awakens from surgery. Her bandages are removed and we see her face for the first time. Her skin is healed, smooth, almost plastic-like. She tries to smile. Something about it looks unnatural.

She eventually is well enough to return home and continue her recovery there. When she is well enough, she tells her mother that she will return to school and continue her studies; try to pick up where she left off. Suki leaves home, ostensibly to return to her studies. But really, she intends to train herself to be a cold, ruthless killer.

ACT 2 (45-50 min.) Suki gets a day job and spends all of her free time training to get her revenge; at first she tries to do what people like her would do in the movies: read a lot of zen and samurai texts; however, she is mainly fueled by her science fiction and fantasy obsessions, and from this she develops her imagined persona as an android killing machine.

Suki spends a great deal of time searching for the four girls, but with little luck. The only person she can remember clearly is Kim. She focuses solely on finding her.

Er… um… time passes.

At a Laundromat Suki frequents – which, oddly, is quite out of her way – she meets Nao. She’s accidentally left a red sock in the washer he is using, and his clothes come out pink. (This is meant to be an idiotically meet-cute moment, and should be played up accordingly.) She invites him over for dinner. They have another meet-cute moment when her cooking goes awry, and he takes her out instead. (Or something. Hell, I don’t know. We need to have some sort of sweet courtship sequence or something.)

Several dates later, Nao brings her to his place (he lives at home), where they watch one of his favorite sci-fi movies – also one of hers. It turns into a PG-13 make-out session, but they are interrupted when his sister enters the house, jabbering on her cell phone. Nao awkwardly introduces them. Kim, the leader of the gang that beat Suki, is Nao’s sister. She doesn’t recognize Suki, and Suki doesn’t tip her hand.

Er… um… Kim’s boyfriend gets a little rough with her when she confronts him about his philandering. Suki intervenes and beats him up. Kim is surprised and grateful. They becomes closer friends.

Suki becomes good friends with the girls.

Lizzy, the shy one, has a crush on a boy. Suki suggests they all go away for a weekend where they can set him up with her..

ACT 3. (20-25 min.) They go to the cabin. Once there, Suki kills everyone.

Strip poker. (But playful-like). Suki turns out to be very lucky, and has a very good poker face. Jen and Lizzy retire with their boyfriends when things heat up a little. Kim and Lucy stay in the game, with an amused Nao cheering on Suki. But she starts losing. She takes off her shirt, and the others notice the scars on her body. She gets Nao to leave the room. (I can’t think of a reason, but I’m sure something will come up.) Suki considers a story about an abusive boyfriend. But then she tells Kim and Lucy exactly what happened: that she was beaten within an inch of her life by four girls. They suddenly realize who she is, and are simultaneously horrified and saddened. Suki begins sobbing. The two girls are unsure how to comfort her, but they try. Suki seems intent on leaving; she is too upset to stay with them. She asks Lucy to explain to the others why. Kim opts to go; Suki is insistent that Lucy go, but Kim leaves. Suki tells Lucy that she remembers Kim was the strongest of them, that it was her idea. The others went along with it but didn’t really want to. Suki seems strangely calm as she explains the notion of “kill the head, the body will die”. She suddenly and brutally kills Lucy, furious she couldn’t kill Kim first.

Kim, Jen, Lizzy and Nao subdue Suki and lock her in the trunk of the car.

Suki gets out of the car and kills Jen. She fights Kim and Nao. Lizzy runs away.

Suki gets into the car and drives it blindly towards Lizzy. It pins her against a tree, horribly injuring her. She kills her (as an act of mercy, perhaps).

Suki walks home, possibly mortally wounded.

Repent, Sinner!

On a fall night, a lone man walks into town barefoot. Is he Jesus, or just a homeless man?

Suicide By Cop

James is a young man full of pain and torment and finds he can no longer live in a cruel and unjust world, so he sets out to kill himself. First though he finds that no one is willing to give him a gun, and he really can't wait for seven days for a background check. He's never been good at tying knots, and even if he was, he can't find any beams that would do the job right (he's just strangle himself to death, and the thought of that bothers him). He's tried drowning but he can't quite come to holding himself underwater long enough. Electrocution seems a bit too risky, as does pills. The train is a good idea, its free but the thought of getting all mangled up and crushed and dragged for a kilometre (and what of the poor chap who'd have to clean him up), turns him right off-he's tried to jump in front of one several times. Pills, well, what if he didn't get the right mix and was just knocked unconscious or worse, he could have a stroke and be in the hospital and care wards for the rest of his life. No. Instead, James has bought a pellet gun that looks like a nine millemetre, and called the cops telling them he's going to kill himself and everyone in his building. So after a tense stand-off James is face to face with two cops, just regular kind of guys, and you know what? They're the closest thing to a conversation he's had in years. Actually they're great guys, smart and funny, and ordinary, but interesting, and caring. Maybe James should be a cop, and join the force, he'd like that. Patrick Flanagan and Pete Kowalski are probably the best friends he's ever had..., course he knows if he puts the gun down, they'll just arrest him and throw him in prison, or the looney bin, or psyche ward - probably the jail, then psyche ward, then the looney bin, that is if they don't shoot him first. Yes, all he has to do is put the gun down. But doing that will separate him from his new buddies, and he's not about to let that happen anytime soon.

Remote Island

“Reality based” horror television series.


A group of reality TV show contestants are misled into thinking that they are their to win a million dollars buy eliminating the other players through the usual dating, survivor type scenarios. It becomes apparent though after food and fresh water run that they are part of a bigger game. Each night the contestants are systematically hunted for sport by unknown forces, and are selected for elimination by the audience of the reality based television show. The island is wired as one big remote television studio, with hidden cameras and microphones everywhere and the contestants must survive each night using there wits and each other to survive until dawn.

The Series:

Thirty contestants (fifteen male, fifteen female) have been selected to play on a new reality based TV show for a million dollars and a new car. They have each filled out personality quizzes and submitted their own home video describing their life, career and why they need the million dollars and why they think they can survive to win.

Episode One:

After being dropped off by boat the contestants settle in to there new environment. The island is really pristine and beautiful, and for most this is their first time in a place like this. The contestants find a thin clear monolithic sculpture with a 16X9 monitor and a high quality camera and speaker, encased in plastic in a clearing (The Tribal Booth). This is how instructions are being fed to the contestants. Dominance for group leader is already occurring with TK (TO COME) a strong athletic female taking control to the chagrin of the male contestants.

The Girl Who Worked For The Spies

MIRA’s (19) father has always been in counter-intelligence, and now she’s expected to follow the family trade, so she just got a job as a file clerk in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Working in CSIS though, can be dreadfully uninspiring. All she does is type out terribly long Arabic names and file papers, all day. She’s conveniently close to Holt’s though, so at least she can shop on her lunch breaks. Being in the spy service has some perks though, there is always weekend parties during the debutante season. Agent dossiers always give her a kick; a great way to meet men. The thing is she can’t tell anyone about it, and its killing her, specially since her new man is attractive and is oh so interested in her new job.