ACT 1  



Voice Over, the Robotgirl  is attacked by her enemies. Black and White, grainy with colour, super-8, step printed at times and rotoscoped animated. Snow falls. They nearly destroy the android girl, her arch nemesis setting her on fire after a savage beating. She lays in the snow, surrounded, dying...




Home. A head bandaged. We can only tell it's a girl because of her robes. Her hands are also bandaged. She’s been heavily damaged. The family home is nice, but nothing special. Very little Asian influence what-so-ever.


Her name is Yuki. It means snow.


Her MOTHER and FATHER and LITTLE BROTHER are in the room, with two plain clothed POLICE DETECTIVES.


They ask her a series of questions. She answers none. The tell her they need her help. She says nothing. They show her photographs of some boys and girls, who, may or may not have taken part. We see them full screen. They all are young, and mostly Asian.



Her Father says that’s enough for today. He tells his wife, daughter and son to leave.


Her mother and brother take Yuki goes up stairs to her room.


The father is well off and mentions this to the detectives saying he will do anything for her. The detectives tell him to let them handle it.


In her room, Yuki tries to sleep.




The Robotgirl lies in the snow. She is recovering, healing, a cat comes to her.


She follows the cat to safety. The cat talks to her and tells her its okay, he can help her if she follows him.




X – Rays.


The doctor explains the procedure to her. Its radical, but the damage is extensive, he has to graft new “skin” on her face and rebuild the bones in her hands and face.


He has to rebuild her.


Fear and tears in the eyes of Yuki, he begins to unravel the mask (we see little, only a suggestion of the damage.)


Table, a light and silhouettes of the doctor and nurse.




The cat leads the Robotgirl into the dark woods. He tells her, that a friend is here and she can have sanctuary. Indeed, the cat leads her to a cave.


They enter. Inside, a light reflects into a pool of water and she sees her face, damaged. She pulls off the skin...





A week later.


Her father drives her home from the private clinic. She sleeps in the car, face still mostly in the shadows, her face is still covered.



Her parents eat at the table. Her father tries to eat normally. Her mother occasionally looks over fearful and tearful and looks back. Her little brother stares.


She tries to eat, sucking out of a straw. She struggles with her bandaged hands on the food. Her brother laughs, and is quickly scolded by his dad.


Yuki leaves the table.


In her room, she stares in the mirror and begins to remove the bandages.


Very slowly. Apprehensive.


And then we see her. She is beautiful, youthful, yet unnatural. Her face, is like wax, or plastic. She touches it and stretches her face.




In the cave, the Robotgirl sits down. She needs to do diagnostics on her systems. Her eye has a red signal that rotates like the start up icon on a Macintosh computer.


She speaks.









Deep, synthetic, unnatural sounds, yet feminine. The cat talks to her, tells her his name. He tells her that a friend will help her soon.


When the checks are over, the Robotgirl follows the cat deeper, and soon the deep sounds of breathing can be heard.


They are approaching an animal that sleeps deep in the cave.


It is a massive brown bear.









Weeks pass.


She’s in her room reading. Yuki has been a shut in since the “incident.”


Her father is concerned about her and wants to help. He thinks she’s too timid and after what happened to her, he thinks it would be a good idea to take martial arts.


She gets in an argument. She can barely walk and doesn’t see how she could do Karate.


The doorbell rings. Her brother opens the door to a large heavy set Asian/Pilipino boy with glasses. He is cheerful, slow moving, intelligent, self deprecating, and painfully intelligent.


Inside her room Yuki shuts herself out to her best friend (for lack of a better name – HERMAN). Herman talks really gentle and Yuki opens up the door. He is taken aback by her appearance. She tries to cry, but can’t and it frustrates her. He consoles her, all the while asking her elaborate seemingly random questions. Her cat, Soma, stays with her.




The bear awakes and talks to the cat while examining the Robotgirl. He begins ask her questions, but the Robot cannot answer. That is okay, the bear knows what to do. He is also a robot. But first, he tells her, that she needs rest and sleep and he would protect her. The cat cleans himself.


She recharges on him.




Yuki lays her head on Herman. She tries to talk, but it hurts and is awkward. She falls asleep.




Daylight. Time has past. The Robotgirl is still weak but must venture outside. The bear and cat follow her out. The cat parts with her but tells her they will meet again.




Herman and Yuki walk outside and talk. Yuki has crutches This is the first time she’s been outside in a while. The air on her “skin” feels odd.


They walk and they see a group of girls, and Yuki immediately seizes.


Who’s the new girlfriend, Fatty?




Herman doesn’t let him faze him. Yuki glares and the girls go quiet.


They make her so mad. She clenches her fists tight and destroys the crutch.


She realizes something unusual has happened. After this, she is tired. She asks Herman to take her home.






Her dad drives her from Pysiotherapy. She decides she would like to try Karate.


Karate Class.


She stands in the back row with the other students and begins excercises. She has trouble.