all shots have to be 16 x 9 and essentially 2 dimensional. hair salon - toni + guy washbasins - straight on

high rise balcony overlooking a city (or other apartment buildings)  - summer - girl talking on cell while while sunbathing in swimsuit and high heels.

a beach - from above - girl on a beach towel reading, bikini strap undone to minimise tan lines.

several scenes of making out against a wall (new love  - spring and summer)

a lounge

club - black walls

entrance to an apartment building? Condo?

walking on the street with her new boyfriend she gets smacked in the head (or night scene drunk)

hot dog vendor? outdoors, night, drunk, summer (need radio mikes)

shoe store

clothing store (racks)


walking down street (fall)

outside - park

soccer field (reminicent of guy bourdain)

white or grey fashion back drops

a pool?

men - title cards? Paul / Warren / Geoff / Tracy / Allan / Mark / Todd / Graham (she calls him Geoff)

Or female Boy names - Blair, Sam, Lesley

Sophie sugar daddy is more of a playboy and doesn't care about her at all.

postmodern girls

brutal dialogue

complete honesty and completly fake (fashion photography)

destroy everything they touch.

tennis court.

ungentelmen (look nice, but are fucks)

marketing: download and remix film. Add your own commercials.

a wall with a rail, or a small bar to set drinks on and lean against seperating a wallpaper background in half. A woman drinks wine and a guy plays on his blackberry - a black guy talks out of frame (from a photo)

A film as magazine.

Beauty secrets.

Fashion assessories.

Shots of clothes / make-up / shoes / jewelry / in situ as a product shot (say shoes all over the place at the bottom of a closet, at the doorway to a party)

female name: kennedy

black ink handwriting a la nylon

character: Asia is a dj / wants to get into event and nightlife planning?

story: girls end up at the same club at the end of the film? sophie talking to emily about her life and talking as if she's 45.

marketing: for other countries, not only subtitle, but run comparable ads in that language.

markeing: the dvd / or digital download is neccessary to unlock key portions of the film via the website.

character: "Lie to me, baby" - sophie dialogue.

scene - a luxury bedroom (or hotel ensuite) - sophie has given up to her sugar daddy, undoes her long black Dior dress (or whatever) - seems like an ad for something upmarket in Vogue. Background wallpaper matches other scenes, or compliments them. (this is purely if money comes into it).

plot: Travelogue - either someone goes to NY (we follow them around and take stills and video with a voice over) --- or --- get someone else to shoot a doc  -  in somewhere exotic.

A few scenes should feel like an Americal Apparel ad.

marketing: ipods are everywhere (with or without apples support)

character:  girl is miserable because she forgot her ipod at home - gets roomate to bring it - then she is estatic.

a Celebrity - or  minor  b-list actor with credibility (Chlöe Sevigny) etc.   (whouldn't that be lovely).

marketing: myspace integration.

internal monologues like Chungking Express.

story: emily passes out, throws up, has horrible sex, recovers,  segment becomes about: the best hang over food

character: 4 seperate voice overs. internal monologues.

Celebrities = (Toronto Film Festival) - shoot documentary footage!

marketing: ads in different languages for different countries

web: gutter information that links to clothing and denotes make-up etc.

story: end up at a socialite party.

story: interviews within the story