TEASER. (4-5 min.) Winter. An empty schoolyard. Snow on the ground. FOUR JAPANESE GIRLS, all 18 years-old, walk one by one into frame. They are: Kim, the leader; Lucy, the fashionista, Jen, the whore; and Lizzy, the shy one. All smoke and talk about boys. They look very pretty and sweet. A couple of them have faux-fur hoods.

They see SUKI (18) sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. Suki is homely, skinny, wears glasses. Hides her face behind her long hair. Dresses very plainly. Has a pink iPod. Her knapsack has goofy sci-fi/fantasy-themed buttons on it. We never really get a good look at her face. Kim approaches her and asks her her name. Suki is afraid. She does not answer. This enrages Kim. Lucy and Lizzy suggest she is the girl who stole Kim’s boyfriend. Suki tries to leave. They allow her to walk away, but begin to follow. Suki’s pace quickens, then becomes a run. They give chase. In one wide shot, They corner her and beat her. It is savage and unrelenting (shot in real time). They finally leave, although Kim returns for one last kick in the face (and to steal Suki’s pink iPod). Finally, camera pushes in, stopping as Suki’s unmoving form fills frame. There is blood everywhere.

ACT 1. (15-20 min.) Suki lies in a hospital bed. Her mother and little brother visit. Her little brother is bored. He is too young to really understand what has happened. He does not recognize his sister. Her mother cries. A lot. In fact, whenever we see her, she is crying. Suki’s father is away on business, and is unable to visit. However, he sends money and presents, including some of her favorite science-fiction movies, and a player to watch them on. (As the months go by we notice they remain unopened.) A police officer makes repeated visits, although Suki is unable to speak. Series of x-rays are shown. An offscreen doctor discusses with the mother the extent of the injuries: broken jaw, broken nose, compound wrist fracture, three cracked ribs, broken ankle, broken collarbone, four broken fingers; also, three cracked teeth, five facial lacerations, two dozen cuts and abrasions, internal bleeding, and some uterine and kidney damage.

Suki’s father sends money for extra surgeries and operations. It is never specified how long she is in hospital. Suki awakens from surgery. Her bandages are removed and we see her face for the first time. Her skin is healed, smooth, almost plastic-like. She tries to smile. Something about it looks unnatural.

She eventually is well enough to return home and continue her recovery there. When she is well enough, she tells her mother that she will return to school and continue her studies; try to pick up where she left off. Suki leaves home, ostensibly to return to her studies. But really, she intends to train herself to be a cold, ruthless killer.

ACT 2 (45-50 min.) Suki gets a day job and spends all of her free time training to get her revenge; at first she tries to do what people like her would do in the movies: read a lot of zen and samurai texts; however, she is mainly fueled by her science fiction and fantasy obsessions, and from this she develops her imagined persona as an android killing machine.

Suki spends a great deal of time searching for the four girls, but with little luck. The only person she can remember clearly is Kim. She focuses solely on finding her.

Er… um… time passes.

At a Laundromat Suki frequents – which, oddly, is quite out of her way – she meets Nao. She’s accidentally left a red sock in the washer he is using, and his clothes come out pink. (This is meant to be an idiotically meet-cute moment, and should be played up accordingly.) She invites him over for dinner. They have another meet-cute moment when her cooking goes awry, and he takes her out instead. (Or something. Hell, I don’t know. We need to have some sort of sweet courtship sequence or something.)

Several dates later, Nao brings her to his place (he lives at home), where they watch one of his favorite sci-fi movies – also one of hers. It turns into a PG-13 make-out session, but they are interrupted when his sister enters the house, jabbering on her cell phone. Nao awkwardly introduces them. Kim, the leader of the gang that beat Suki, is Nao’s sister. She doesn’t recognize Suki, and Suki doesn’t tip her hand.

Er… um… Kim’s boyfriend gets a little rough with her when she confronts him about his philandering. Suki intervenes and beats him up. Kim is surprised and grateful. They becomes closer friends.

Suki becomes good friends with the girls.

Lizzy, the shy one, has a crush on a boy. Suki suggests they all go away for a weekend where they can set him up with her..

ACT 3. (20-25 min.) They go to the cabin. Once there, Suki kills everyone.

Strip poker. (But playful-like). Suki turns out to be very lucky, and has a very good poker face. Jen and Lizzy retire with their boyfriends when things heat up a little. Kim and Lucy stay in the game, with an amused Nao cheering on Suki. But she starts losing. She takes off her shirt, and the others notice the scars on her body. She gets Nao to leave the room. (I can’t think of a reason, but I’m sure something will come up.) Suki considers a story about an abusive boyfriend. But then she tells Kim and Lucy exactly what happened: that she was beaten within an inch of her life by four girls. They suddenly realize who she is, and are simultaneously horrified and saddened. Suki begins sobbing. The two girls are unsure how to comfort her, but they try. Suki seems intent on leaving; she is too upset to stay with them. She asks Lucy to explain to the others why. Kim opts to go; Suki is insistent that Lucy go, but Kim leaves. Suki tells Lucy that she remembers Kim was the strongest of them, that it was her idea. The others went along with it but didn’t really want to. Suki seems strangely calm as she explains the notion of “kill the head, the body will die”. She suddenly and brutally kills Lucy, furious she couldn’t kill Kim first.

Kim, Jen, Lizzy and Nao subdue Suki and lock her in the trunk of the car.

Suki gets out of the car and kills Jen. She fights Kim and Nao. Lizzy runs away.

Suki gets into the car and drives it blindly towards Lizzy. It pins her against a tree, horribly injuring her. She kills her (as an act of mercy, perhaps).

Suki walks home, possibly mortally wounded.