“Reality based” horror television series.


A group of reality TV show contestants are misled into thinking that they are their to win a million dollars buy eliminating the other players through the usual dating, survivor type scenarios. It becomes apparent though after food and fresh water run that they are part of a bigger game. Each night the contestants are systematically hunted for sport by unknown forces, and are selected for elimination by the audience of the reality based television show. The island is wired as one big remote television studio, with hidden cameras and microphones everywhere and the contestants must survive each night using there wits and each other to survive until dawn.

The Series:

Thirty contestants (fifteen male, fifteen female) have been selected to play on a new reality based TV show for a million dollars and a new car. They have each filled out personality quizzes and submitted their own home video describing their life, career and why they need the million dollars and why they think they can survive to win.

Episode One:

After being dropped off by boat the contestants settle in to there new environment. The island is really pristine and beautiful, and for most this is their first time in a place like this. The contestants find a thin clear monolithic sculpture with a 16X9 monitor and a high quality camera and speaker, encased in plastic in a clearing (The Tribal Booth). This is how instructions are being fed to the contestants. Dominance for group leader is already occurring with TK (TO COME) a strong athletic female taking control to the chagrin of the male contestants.