Roy Hopkins and Vicki Valentino are driving down a country road near the river. Roy’s attention is to the passenger side of the road.

“Look at that car! Vic.”

“What am I lookin at? “

“That car.”


“Down near the river. Crashed up.”

“Wow,that’s a crashed up car, Roy.”

“What’d I just say.”

Roy pulls over to the side of the road.He gets out and heads toward the car. Vicky reluctantly exits. She starts to smoke.

Roy walks up and takes a survey of the car. It crashed hard into a tree.Two bodies are dead inside.

Roy looks at their crashed-up, broken bodies. The dead men are wearing nice well tailored suits. The passenger has a sharp striped tie. His right wrist has a handcuff to it with a chain leading to the dead man’s feet where a case made of titanium sits.


“What Roy?”

“Vicky, come look at this case on this man’s arm.”

“I don’t wanna look Roy.”


“No, I don’t wanna look.”

“Just come here for Godsake. Look at this case?”

“This better not be gross, Roy. “

“It’s not gross. C’mon, they’re dead. They can’t hurt ya.”

“Oh, I dunno.”

“They’re sure dead Roy.”

“That’s what I said, Vic. Look at this case. I ain’t ever seen a case like that before. Have you?”

“Nah, uh, Roy. Let’s go.”

“No, I want to know what’s in the case, Don’t you want to know?”

“Jesus Christ Roy. Are you daft? They’re dead. Let’s get out of here before we are too.”

“Yeah, but what’s in the case?”

“I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either.”

“Maybe we’re the first. The first here. Maybe they swerved off the road here. See you can see the tracks. They hit this tree, Bang! Just like that. Dead. Both of em. Just like that. Make’s you think.”

“Yeah makes me think I’m going to prison if I stick around with you.”

“I wanna know what’s in the case. I ain’t never seen a case like that before. Pretty important if it’s on his wrist like that.“


“What if it’s money?”

“Do you really think so." Suddenly she was interested. She liked money. “No? Why would they leave the case if it was money.”

“Who said anybody left anything. I’m telling you, they smashed into this tree here. And we’re the first people here on the scene. This is a real find, Vic. We could be rich.

“I dunno. Why would he have it tied to his wrist like that?”

“He didn’t want to lose it.”

“Secret documents. Maybe.”

“Well secret documents are worth money. I’m opening the case.”


“I can’t find a key.”

“Roy! C’mon before someone sees us.”

“I’m going to have to hack it off.”


“Go hide over there and tell me if someone’s comin’. I’m gonna hack it off. “

Roy pulls out his pen knife.


“Just fucking hide over there and tell me if someone is comin'. Can you do that? Can you?

“I can do that. I hate you.”

“I hate you too, baby.Now tell me if someone is comin’.And look away. Okay. Don’t look at me for a few minutes. You don’t want to see this.”

“Oh, god Roy.”

Vicky goes up near the Road. She looks out. She looks back and can see Roy cutting away at the wrist.She looks pale.

A car is coming up the road.

She whistles.

Roy finished up. He cuts the hand off and not knowing what to do with it, throws it in the river.He takes the suitcase and walks down to the water.

Vicky whistles again.

He cleans himself up and hides away.

The cardrives by Vicky, and then slows down a bit. A man and a woman are in the car. Then the car speeds up again and goes off.

Roy comes up the hill with the case.

“Lot of blood. Lot of blood.”

“Don’t get any on me.”

“Ah,I won’t. This case is really heavy. Vic.”

Roy drags the case up the car.He opens the door of the car, throws the case in the back seat.

“Get in,”

Vicky extinguish her cigarette and gets in the car.

Roy drives away and takes one last look at the river.