RICHARD BOTTOMLY has worked all his life to get to where he is; the very top of a multi-million dollar organization, literally. his office is on the 60th floor, and Richard likes his view. After some financial calamities some weasel bastards on the board want to take it all away from him. He can't trust his top man. Richard knows everything the man says is a carefully orchestrated manipulative tactic to get the position for himself. He knows, he taught him. And now he's got another problem, a woman who's twenty years younger than he was when he became the top man, is also vying for his job as well. Since everyone is out to get him, Richard fortifies the office and makes his last stand. He evacuates the floor, leaving only his most loyal subjects. There is no way anyone is going to take him alive, and is he has to, he'll burn the building to the ground.