Fearing the end of the world around him, John, a deeply religious man in his sixties leaves his wife, in search of the one good man. He travels through the heartland of America, looking for this man. He talks to believers, in the Church but only finds their lack of faith. He looks on the streets, in cities and towns. He feels he is doing the work of Jesus. As he travels he becomes more and more convinced, that this man doesn't exist. He begins to drink heavy. He cheats on his wife with prostitutes, lives in a strip club from noon to night. He breaks every commandment, not counting murder. With the end nearing, he contemplates suicide. One night he crashes his pick-up truck on the highway while driving drunk, bursting into a fiery ball. While the flames creep up around him, a man pulls him out to safety. He ends up in the hospital, but the man, his SAVIOR visits him. His name is Noah. He is a single father (wife died in childbirth) of a son of six. He's religious, kind, calming. He is the one good man. Noah's generosity is such that he allows John to stay with him. Despite his help, John begins to dislike Noah. He can't stand his principles, his unending faith in people, and a naive trust. John actually begins to despise him. He's everything he isn't. Kind, honest. Self sacrificing. Caring. Noah makes him sick, he revolts him. He knows now why he was put on earth. To kill the one good man.