The Executive (or All The Little People Down Below)


RICHARD BOTTOMLY has worked all his life to get to where he is; the very top of a multi-million dollar organization, literally. his office is on the 60th floor, and Richard likes his view. After some financial calamities some weasel bastards on the board want to take it all away from him. He can't trust his top man. Richard knows everything the man says is a carefully orchestrated manipulative tactic to get the position for himself. He knows, he taught him. And now he's got another problem, a woman who's twenty years younger than he was when he became the top man, is also vying for his job as well. Since everyone is out to get him, Richard fortifies the office and makes his last stand. He evacuates the floor, leaving only his most loyal subjects. There is no way anyone is going to take him alive, and is he has to, he'll burn the building to the ground.

The Last Good Man


Fearing the end of the world around him, John, a deeply religious man in his sixties leaves his wife, in search of the one good man. He travels through the heartland of America, looking for this man. He talks to believers, in the Church but only finds their lack of faith. He looks on the streets, in cities and towns. He feels he is doing the work of Jesus. As he travels he becomes more and more convinced, that this man doesn't exist. He begins to drink heavy. He cheats on his wife with prostitutes, lives in a strip club from noon to night. He breaks every commandment, not counting murder. With the end nearing, he contemplates suicide. One night he crashes his pick-up truck on the highway while driving drunk, bursting into a fiery ball. While the flames creep up around him, a man pulls him out to safety. He ends up in the hospital, but the man, his SAVIOR visits him. His name is Noah. He is a single father (wife died in childbirth) of a son of six. He's religious, kind, calming. He is the one good man. Noah's generosity is such that he allows John to stay with him. Despite his help, John begins to dislike Noah. He can't stand his principles, his unending faith in people, and a naive trust. John actually begins to despise him. He's everything he isn't. Kind, honest. Self sacrificing. Caring. Noah makes him sick, he revolts him. He knows now why he was put on earth. To kill the one good man.

Sleep My Policeman

Future Noir

A android policeman tries to retain order in his life after a plague has decimated the world’s population including the woman he was meant to protect.


Police & Thieves

Police Thriller

The parallel lives of two people involved in a bloody robbery in a small city; the getaway driver who was recently released from prison and the police detective methodically tracking the crime.



The Gentleman

Black Tragic Comedy / Satire

An amoral man fashionably dates his way to the seventh circle of hell.

The Kid with The Camera - Beat Sheet


The Kid With The Camera

Beat Sheet


1.  The Camera as evidence.

2.  Jan 22, 1973

3.  Children play outside Walter’s House

4.  Walter’s 8th birthday party. No one is playing with him.

5.  His dad, drunk gives him a camera.

6.  He takes pictures of the children.

7.  His dad is getting a blowjob by his secretary.

8.  Walter photographs it.

9.  His dad comes home. Finds out walter was going to take pictures of him.

10. Finds Walter in his darkroom.

11. Walter shows him the photo.

12. His father bribes him with a camera lens.

13. His father gets the pictures - burns them.

14. Walter wants more photo gear. Takes more pictures of his father.

15. Tries to blackmail his father.

16. His father grounds him. Takes camera away.

17. He mails the photos to his mother.

18. His father commits suicide.

19. The funeral.

20. Walter takes pictures of a girl at school.

21. His teachers find the photos.

22. They get accused of child pornography.

23. Walter’s mother takes him to see a psycholgist.

24. He recomends taking him to a photographer for guidance.

25. She takes him to AMT.

26. AMT sees Walter’s photos. Is envious. Quips about wedding photography.Decides to take him on.

27. Walter comes to the studio.

28. Ten years later.

29. Walter is running the studio.

30. Elsa and Helmut are getting married. They want the best. Walter.

31. Walter says no.

32. He visits his mother. She is dying.

33. He changes his mind when he realizes he needs to go to new york to be a real photographer.

34. Makes a deal with Elsa.

35. The wedding. Walter hunts down the bride and groom. He tormnets them.

36. He follows them home.

37. The newlyweds fight and become stuck on railroad tracks.

38. Walter realizes their Peril.

39. They call for help. He doesn’t help them.

40. He gets the photo of the train crash.


                          ACT 2

41. Jennifer and Cynthia see the photo.

42. Cynthia wants Walter to come to New York.

43. Unfinished buisness with his mother. AMT

44. He leaves for new york

45. New York.

   45. He arives in New York. Meets Jen and Cyn.

   46. signs contract.

   47.Jen gets him settled in.

   48. He goes out on the town. +

   49. Richard B beats the hell out of him -

   50. But he gets a photo +

   51. But he goes to the hospital -

   60. He gets a show +

   61. Liz shows up -

   62. He gets to sleep with Jennifer +-


Mid act climax - she fucks him and sells her soul to the devil.

   63. She's embarrased -

   64. She steals Walter from Cynthia +

   65. Cynthia is pissed - she's betrayed -

   66. Walter get his studio +

   67. Strings are attached (Daddy) -













Pitches (CFC)

July 8, 2004



Feature Length Dark Comedy.


LOGLINE: A man falls in love with a girl who sole ambition is to destroy him.




Richard Appleby, a happily married father of three and a hapless architect falls in love with Nina, a florist.

Richard becomes so smitten with her that she begins to form a cunning plan of deceit and betrayal. The first thing she has to do is pretend she loves him, oh, and get rid of the wife and children. Nina hates children after all.


So after Richard becomes a free man (with the help of Nina) they settle down in one of his horrific concrete creations which only makes Nina despise him all the more. 


And the trouble is, the more Richard feels humiliated, defeated and trapped in his own creation, oddly enough the more Nina thinks she’s beginning to love him. Sometimes love, hurts a lot.


The film spans from his wife’s 10th Wedding Anniversary (November 22nd to New Years Day)




NINA: 22, a bilingual Quebecer. She’s as cute as a cap pistol and as cold as an ice cube.


RICHARD APPLEBY. He’s 42, with two children and a wife that loves him. He loves building with concrete (it’s so smooth and grey) and finds his wandering eye has finally caught the attention of a cute little young French girl.





Feature length drama/disillusionment plot.




A couple get stranded on vacation in a small Californian town as their relationship falls apart.




          Jack and Angela are traveling to Las Vegas for a vacation when their car breaks down in Baker California, Death Valley USA. The mechanic, a compulsive gambler who is going to fix their car, takes their money and heads to Vegas leaving Jack and Angela waiting.


In the meantime, Jack kills time by hanging out at the service station (expecting the mechanic) and with theprecocious and promiscuous teenage daughter of the mechanic.


Angela tries to fill her time in the small town taking pictures and sight seeing all the while trying to make sense of her life. One of the local residents takes a liking to Angela vies for her affection all the while trying to emasculate Jack.


When the mechanic fails to show up Jack coerces Angela to go with him to Vegas, and once there he proposes to her.

          Angela reluctantly agrees, but becomes more and more disillusioned after a mugging ruins their honeymoon. Fortunately they find the mechanic, who is becoming increasingly ill, get the part and head back to Baker.


The strain of the quickie marriage finally bear upon Angela and she decides to head back home and wants an annulment. So she leave Jack in Baker to fix the car by himself with only the help of a fourteen year old girl.


Characters: Jack Cooper: 31, an engineer. He has been with Angela for eight years and finally wants to settle down and get married.


Angela: 29. She’s been working high class retail for years (Holt Renfrew) and feels like she’s going know where. She loves Jack deeply, but needs to find herself and getting married “like Elvis and Pricilla” isn’t going to do it for her.


Emma: 14. She can have any boy she wants, so she says. She’s recently living with he stepfather in baker to get away from her mother, a waitress in Vegas.




Feature Length Detective / Neo Noir


LOGLINE: A detective falls in love with a woman who’s husband hired him to find out if she was still in love.


PREMISE: A man hires a detective to find out if his wife still loves him. It results in a meticulous investigation on the wife and the very nature of love to the point where the detective finds out that he has become intrinsically involved in his clients wife’s life.


The detective and the woman become lovers and the detective begins to give false, although, detailed information about his clients wife. After awhile the detective finds that he is the one under investigation and has become so involved with the small details he misses the larger picture.


The film is made up of a record of the detectives investigations, through his stills, audio recordings, memo’s, telephone conversations, evidence logged, miles driven, and composites of his query. 




HIRO: 30, Japanese. Private investigator. He’s drives a 1977 Nissan 280z. He’s beyond thorough and takes digital still pictures and sound recordings. He has an ex-wife, who’s remarried and now has children.


SECRETARY: Hiro’s secretary. 23. She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry.


WIFE:  35? She’s a mystery. Independently wealthy. Cold. Hard to read.


CLIENT: Bit of an unknown. 48. Dresses impeccably. Drives an old Jaguar. Seems to have dealings in offshore exports. Determined.




Feature Length surreal social satire / Kafkaesque




A man loses himself when he accidentally comes home to the wrong suburban house and the family that lives their fails to notice that he doesn’t belong.




A man comes home from work only to find the home he comes home to is not his own, only he thinks it is. The pictures on the wall look like him, the children resemble his, and his wife, who's is not his wife, doesn't seem to notice, he's not her husband. She just assumes that he is her husband and always has been. He is lost, yet in a familiar world.


When he leaves the house, he finds that he lives in a place where the homes all seem alike, the neighbors so common, the streets so nondescript that he becomes afraid and bewildered in his suburban nightmare. He begins a journal and a map to orient him within his surroundings.


Over time, he has a detailed overview of his life, the area he lives in, with his new wife and children.   


And thenone day, someone he's never met comes looking for him. He just happens to be the man who's settled into his house, with his real wife and children. 


Character: Peter H. 38. He becomes an anthropologist in what looks like his own home.










Disclaimer From Basquiat:

Certain characters, names, incidents and dialogue, contained in this motion picture were created for the purpose of dramatization and are fictitious, and any similarity of such items to any name of incident, or the character or biography of any person, is purely coincidental and unitentional. Certain works of art contained in this motion picture, were created therefore and should not be identified, described, or percieved as originating with Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Top 10 Names of 1990

Rank    Male     Female

1          MICHAEL         JESSICA


3          JOSHUA           BRITTANY

4          MATTHEW       AMANDA

5          DAVID      STEPHANIE

6          DANIEL            JENNIFER

7          ANDREW          SAMANTHA

8          JOSEPH            SARAH

9          JUSTIN MEGAN

10         JAMES       LAUREN


Top 10 Names of 1991

Rank    Male     Female

1          MICHAEL         ASHLEY


3          MATTHEW       AMANDA

4          JOSHUA           BRITTANY

5          DANIEL            STEPHANIE

6          ANDREW          SAMANTHA

7          ROBERT           SARAH

8          DAVID, NICHOLAS (TIE)           ELIZABETH

9                       JENNIFER

10         JAMES, WILLIAM (TIE)             MEGAN


Top 10 Names of 1992

Rank    Male     Female

1          MICHAEL         JESSICA


3          JOSHUA           SARAH

4          MATTHEW       BRITTANY

5          BRANDON        AMANDA

6          ANDREW          SAMANTHA

7          DANIEL            EMILY

8          JOSEPH            ELIZABETH

9          TYLER       JENNIFER

10         DAVID      STEPHANIE


Top 10 Names of 1993

Rank    Male     Female

1          MICHAEL         JESSICA


3          JOSHUA           SARAH

4          MATTHEW       TAYLOR

5          DANIEL            EMILY

6          TYLER       SAMANTHA

7          ANDREW          BRITTANY

8          DAVID, RYAN (TIE)      AMANDA

9                       RACHEL

10         JACOB        LAUREN