Some days are better than others.
— Bono

An in progress novel about The Much-Hyped End Of The World As We Know It, staring Sir Paul, Bono, Jesus, an American Boy, a Kiwi and an Aussie girl stuck in an island in the Pacific. There is a war in Guam. A Chinese Admiral obsessed about reaching Graceland. An clausterphobic assistant to the Vice President (now The NEW PRESIDENT) trapped in a government bunker. Sir Paul fends off pharmaceutically enhanced zombies in Britain as he tries to save The Beatles master recordings. Bono saves a jetliner in Nova Scotia and becomes a superhero-Saint (if he isn't one by now.) It's epic. It takes place before The Golden Age of Obama, because, well, I've been writing it for years.

You can read up till Chapter 15. I've got another 15 chapters or more I need to post. The unedited version in progress version to chapter 30 is here.

The End of The World Begins here: