- 3 -

Extra was between commercials. Britney kept flipping channels drinking a Pepsi in her bungalow.

“Nothin’ on at all,” she flipped a channel. “Ooh! Extreme Makeover is on! Hurry!” “I’m coming, honey,” her manservant flushed the toilet placing the seat down. “Is Y and R on yet?” “Commercial. Oprah’s on, too.” “Let’s watch Oprah!” “Wait, this girl is getting new breasts and a new schnoze,” said Britney. “Oh? You’re kidding me?” “No, look!” “Eeeiii!” he squelched just like he heard teenage girls do. “Uhhg. Look at that!” said Britney. “Eeeiii!”

Outside, a large boom was heard just for a millisecond as a secondary A-bomb exploded, triggering the explosion of a primary H-bomb four megaton thermonuclear warhead over Rodeo Drive.

After that, no one heard anything.