The Vice President was sworn in as the NEW PRESIDENT once confirmation of the death of the old President was determined. The NEW PRESIDENT was shielded in a bunker deep beneath the earth. He was disappointed that the room he was in didn’t look like the war room in Dr. Strangelove. He was disappointed that they didn’t even have a war room. Instead they had something similar to the room in Fail Safe, a huge bland concrete bunker under the five-star Greenbrier Resort Hotel in West Virginia.

The big board of the world hadn’t even been updated since the late 1980s.

He would change this. His resolve was firm. He already had workmen busy dismantling the former Soviet Union on the board and had a current atlas to reconfigure the Baltic States.

This was an historic moment. Time Magazine had Gorbachev on its cover.

Someone though had the foresight to freeze some good coffee beans and once his assistant thawed them, he enjoyed a fine cup of coffee.

He was lucky he had an assistant. He was awful lucky she was attractive. He found out her name was Eve. Somehow he thought it was appropriate. He would be the new Adam. He would make sure she would bore his children and begin populating a new America.

He hoped she was nice. She was good looking with nice calves, firm breasts and blonde hair. He liked that about her.