- 12 -

After Kylie and Jayson fucked and showered and were bored, they scrounged food from the vending machines. Jayson couldn’t get any room service. He tried. He couldn’t get anyone on the phone at all. He tried hard at that too. Eventually he found the bartender, the Yapesian. He was cleaning glasses, and stood where he stood before.

“What’s the deal?” “What's what deal, sir?” “The deal? What’s up?” “Nothing, sir.” “Where is everyone? “Don’t know, sir. They left.” “Everyone?” “Yes sir. Everyone. They left.” “Everyone left?” “Yes, sir. They’re gone.” “Ok. So... Where did they go? They didn't vanish did they?” Jayson was getting a bit pissed off now. He was hungry. A snickers or two were not a meal. "No sir, they didn't vanish. They went home, sir,” said the man from Yap as he put away a glass. "Well, that's just great then, isn't it?" "I don't know sir. Is it great?" "No it isn't," said Jayson. “Can I get you anything? Something to drink perhaps?” “How about something to eat?!” “Can’t, sir. The kitchen is closed.” “Well what the fuck? Goddamnit! This is a hotel, right? “Yes, sir.” "Okay. So if this is a hotel. Right?" "Yes it is, sir." "Where are all the managers? Where’s the concierge. The cleaning ladies. Where did they all go? The bellboys?” “And the cooks, sir.” “And the cooks. What? They aren't here?"

"No, sir." "So the kitchen is really closed?

"I believe so. Let me check. Yes it is."

"Where are they? They can’t just leave, can they? What is this? We need food!” “Don’t know, sir. Never happened before. People just left. That’s all. They went home.” “Why didn’t you go home?” “I have things to do, sir. Some days there are a lot of dirty glasses.” “Give me a beer will you. Something imported and low carb,” said Jayson.

Kylie came down the elevator. She crossed the lobby. It was empty. She noticed the dining room was without a soul as well. Come to think about it, she hadn’t seen anyone for hours. She saw Jayson sitting on a stool drinking a beer in front of the Yaplander. Thank God!

“Jesus Christ! Where is everyone Jayson?” “Ask the man.” “Where is everyone?” “Don’t know. They just left.” “They just left? What the fuck?” “That’s what I said,” said Jayson. “What the fuck? And he says the kitchen is closed."

"Fuck," she said. “I'm so fucking hungry too." She really was. Snickers were not a meal. "Where are the rest of the guests?” “They left after the announcement,” said the Yaplander. “What announcement?” “The one this afternoon.” “What did it say? This announcement.” The Yaplander paused. He thought carefully. He spoke. “It said the end was here.”

"He's really scaring me Jayson," she said, really scared.

"It's alright." He liked the way she clung to him. “What end?” he asked. He didn't like the way it sounded either. “The end.” “The end?” “Yes.” “The end.” “Of?” “The world, sir.”