In Las Vegas, Death was ahead of Jesus. Jesus was notorious for being wishy-washy around Nevada. Death liked the slots. He liked the Mustang Ranch. Jesus was nowhere to be found in Nevada.

Jesus tried to skip California too since it was the first to be obliterated, and there really weren’t a lot of believers. They’d say they believed; but in California, Jesus knew they’d say anything.

Jesus preferred Montana.

Good strong believers in Montana, Idaho, and Vermont. He had a lot of time to pick and choose there. Ohio was iffy. He just plain avoided the South. The middle states were a problem, too, and the East coast was all Catholic and Protestant. He skipped that, too. New York was rubble, and it was just really just hard to find a good man on Wall Street. Jesus had a hard time with the United States of America. God was on the dollar bill.

In God we trust.

He tried to take as many good people as he could. He left the rest for Death, Famine, and Disease.

Jesus thought there weren’t a lot of believers in Canada either. Bunch of atheists, they were. Except Canadians were generally more rational, so Jesus tried to take as many as he could. Heaven needed sensible souls.

He liked Mexico and Brazil. He liked Rio.

He was worried about Israel though. What could he do there? He’d see how the four horsemen made out first. It would buy him time.

War was having just a grand old time. War enjoyed sight seeing in Virginia. He liked the CIA. The Pentagon. He liked military minds. They had caused all this. The military establishment. He was grateful. It’d been a long time since he’d had this much fun. Cambodia was nothing compared to this. He wondered if he could find Henry Kissinger and Robert McNamara and have a little chat about the good days.

And so it came.

The End. It was Tuesday in America and Wednesday in China.