Before there was a TV series with the same name, I was inspired by Robert Frank's The Americans. I had this whole idea of a story about a couple, Jack and Angela, who gets trapped in Baker, California when their car breaks down, based on something that happened to my parents in 1972, when my dad's MG broke down and they couldn't get the part because it was in metric. My mom was stranded while my dad had to get to Los Angeles to get money wired from Canada. I wrote a first draft, and my PC hard drive crash wiped it out (I then moved to a Mac, and back the hell up everything).

In 2004 I  started a new draft on a manual Remington typewriter. I never got very far, but here are some pages for prosperity. Maybe I'll go back to it. It's a good title. After all, there are two films named "Crash."

Maybe, I'll set it in 1972. Elvis was still playing at The International Hotel in Vegas.