An account of the strange and talented photographer Walter Rilke's meteoric rise among the art world elite of 1980s-era New York, and his catastrophic, violent downfall - the inevitable result of the brutality that accompanies his brilliance. The Kid with The Camera is my baby. I think it is still the most original thing I've ever written, and it has my humour to a tee. I was awarded a Praxis Screenplay Competition fa Movie Central Fellowship in 2003, it got me into The Canadian Film Centre's Writer's Lab in 2004, as well as a semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (2006) for this screenplay.

I still have an urge to go back to draft one. I will make this into a feature film, or die trying. Or, I'll adapt it back into a novel.

It started that way.


Read:  The Kid With The Camera (April 2014 revision)