June 2, 2002




PAUL, a 24 year old gas jockey, cleans the windows of an expensive luxury car. The owner, a WOMAN in her 30’s, enters her car without looking at Paul. She REVS THE ENGINE and exits. Paul has a hospital I.D. bracelet on his wrist and the faint marks of a bruise around his neck.

ANNA, 20, a perky “cute” overly tanned waitress, walks up to Paul at the gas station pump. On her diner uniform is an engraved name-tag.



PAUL Just got off work?

ANNA Just wanted to see how you’re doing.

She feels his throat. Paul pulls away.

PAUL I think I’ll kill myself on Thursday, unless you want to do something that night.

ANNA Yeah, maybe.

PAUL You know, see a movie or something.

ANNA (fidgeting) Um, yeah. Paul… could you give me $50 dollars? Pretty Please.

PAUL What for?

ANNA I just need it Paul.


ANNA I can’t tell you.

PAUL Then I can’t give it to you.

She has a temper tantrum, jumping up and down in one place. ANNA (faking crying) I'm going to have to sell my body on the streets.

PAUL That's a bit melodramatic don't you think.

ANNA Then lend me $50 dollars.

PAUL Not until you tell me why.

ANNA (defiant) Fine then, I'm just going to have to sell my body.

PAUL Go ahead.

ANNA I will. Next time you want some you're going to have to pay for it though. I'm not cheap, Paul, think about it.


Paul walks down the sidewalk carrying a bag full of groceries. He passes PROSTITUTES selling their wares.

Anna is dressed "to kill" in a revealing outfit and gaudy make-up. Out of the corner of her eye she notices Paul. Paul walks past Anna and then abruptly stops. Anna looks away from him shyly. He walks around Anna, examining her.

PAUL (dryly) How much?

ANNA $50.

PAUL How much for…?

Paul leans into Anna’s ear and whispers.

ANNA That’s gross Paul, but it’ll cost you $50.

PAUL How much for…?

He leans into her ear. Anna rolls her eyes.

ANNA $50.


ANNA I told you $50.

PAUL Why do you need $50 dollars so bad? ANNA I can’t tell you.

PAUL Why not?

ANNA ‘Cause.

PAUL ‘Cause why?

ANNA ‘Cause I can’t.

PAUL Then I won’t give you any money.

ANNA Fine. There are lots of ways a girl can make a living.

A “JOHN” slows his vehicle down and eyes Anna. She awkwardly presents herself and pouts “sexy”, mouthing “Hi”. Paul is not impressed.

ANNA (naughty) If you won’t give me money I’ll just have to earn it.

She swings her hips and saunters up to the car.

ANNA Hi handsome.

JOHN How much Honey?

ANNA $50.

JOHN Get in.

PAUL Get lost you pervert. I got your plate.

Scared “The John” drives off.

ANNA (mad) You owe me money Paul. Lost revenue. PAUL Well, not here ‘cause I’d look like I’m…

ANNA What?

PAUL You know?

Anna looks down at her prostitute “costume”.

ANNA Yeah, I guess you’re right. Okay. Let’s celebrate my freedom. Can you lend me some money?

She holds her hand out. Paul surrenders and hand’s her $50.

ANNA (cheerfully) Let’s get us some drinks. See the striper. It’ll cheer you up.

int. striptease club. night.

Anna and Paul sit close to the stage where a STRIPER dances. Anna drinks from a fishbowl. Paul sips whisky.

ANNA You know I could do that.

PAUL What, take your clothes off?

ANNA Yeah. It’s got to be easier than waiting tables.

MEN in the audience CLAP and CHEER.

ANNA WOW! All she did is hop on the pole. I could never make that much in tips.

She looks down to her breasts. ANNA I need a push up bra. What do you think Paul?

Anna stares at him until he finally looks over at her.

PAUL What?

ANNA Paul.

Anna grabs the money on the table and waves it to attract the striper. Paul looks over to see his money disappear.


Anna walks holding Paul’s arm, still dressed as a prostitute. Two DRUNK MEN walk by and WHISTLE.

ANNA I should dress like this all the time.

Paul looks back at the guys annoyed.

PAUL (under his breath) Creeps.

ANNA Aw. You’re so cute Paul. And you know what? Because you’re a sweetie, I think you should give me $50 dollars.

PAUL (astonished) I just gave you $50 dollars!

ANNA That was to celebrate. I mean for real.

PAUL No. I’m not giving you any more.

Anna looks heartbroken about to cry. PAUL (CON’T) I can’t… I’m sorry… Don’t look at me like that… I just can’t… I can’t…

Tears roll down her cheeks. Paul watches her cry. He pauses, looks up to the sky and wipes his hand across his face in futility.

Anna’s face is so pathetic and adorable that Paul succumbs. He opens his wallet, about to give Anna $50 as he spots TWO RCMP OFFICERS walking toward him. He winces and stops abruptly. He puts the money away.


ext. service station. afternoon.

Paul, completely bored out of his mind hoses the ground with water. He notices Anna crossing the street wearing a tight dress and 4 inch stiletto heels which she can barely walk in. She hobbles across the Service Station to Paul.

PAUL (sarcastic) Nice outfit.

ANNA I have an audition.

PAUL Don’t fall off the pole.

ANNA What, didn’t you sleep well in Jail?

PAUL No thanks to you.

ANNA I wasn’t trying to buy sex, Paul.

PAUL No, you were only selling it. I have to attend classes on how to be respectable to women for a year.

ANNA Good, then you’ll be nice to a lady for a change, be polite, maybe lend her some money when she’s in need.

Paul concedes and gives her $50. Her eyes light up. Excited she kisses him. His BOSS eyes him. Paul pretends to clean up some dirt on the ground.

ANNA You’re the bestest in the whole wide world. Do you know that? You are. Thank God too, these shoes were killing me.


Paul reads a magazine at the counter. Anna enters wearing her “normal” Audrey Hepburn type clothing. She moves up to the counter slowly, her hands concealed and places a elegantly wrapped package in front of him.

ANNA You can’t open it till midnight. Okay?

PAUL (surprised) Okay.

ANNA Happy Birthday Paul.

She gives him a soft kiss on the cheek.