At Nina’s first audition, she ran into Chad doing modeling as well. Nina was rejected because she couldn’t walk properly in heels (and they thought she was a little heavy in the midsection).

Richard started to fill the pool and by Friday it was ready. Nina lounged around the pool all day tanning in her bikini, reading magazines and eating ice-cream. Richard said she should practice walking in heals, and Nina thought that was a great idea, but said she would maybe try walking around the pool later. Richard wouldn’t get near the pool once it was filled. He liked the way the pool looked, but he couldn’t swim. Serge and Alex returned after a week absence. They were friendly to Richard, but really, they just wanted to watch a soccer game in HD. When they found out Richard had filled the pool, they came out and visited with Nina. Nina got Alex to rub lotion on her body.

Richard watched from inside the house. He pretended to read the newspaper. Serge stripped down to his underwear and climbed in the pool. The water was cold and he made a big deal about it. Nina laughed at him. The pool wasn’t heated yet, and Nina told him she wasn’t going to go until it was warm enough, as any “sensible person would.” Once Serge was in the pool, Alex decided that he should go in. He stripped as well, and dived in. He said it was no big deal. Nina enjoyed watching Serge and Alex swim around in the pool. They wrestled each other and splash around and it amused her. They both had good bodies. Nina called them homosexuals, commenting on their tight boxer briefs and the way they touched each other. They chased her around the pool and threw her in. She screamed and they took turns dunking her head under water until she flailed about and told them to “eff off.” She pushed Serge and he laughed at her. He smacked her stomach where a noticeable “bump” was. “You eating too much ice cream, make you fat.” Nina climbed out of the pool in lousy mood. She stomped passed Richard, a towel around her and said that he should have protected her. He said he didn’t like being near water. “Figures,” she said. She headed upstairs.

Serge and Alex dried off, and Richard went back to his book. Alex started to talk in Russian to Serge. Serge looked at Alex stunned, and then rapidly spoke back to him. They walked towards Richard.

“You Dick! Yes, you,” said Serge.

“Richard,” pointed out Richard.

“Alex said you got Nina pregnant? Dick. Is this truth? You get her pregnant, Dick, did you?”

“Now, hold on just a minute you barbarian! How dare you suggest that I somehow...” started Richard before Serge cut him off buy pressing a finger into his chest.

“You know what you did, didn’t you? You nasty? You nasty, nasty. Alex said he make many a girl have baby, and Nina look like she have baby to him. Right Alex?” Alex said right as he cornered Richard. Serge spoke very close to him.

“She’s just a girl, Dick.” Serge shook his head. “If she have baby, somebody going to notice her baby. Somebody going to say, where Nina get her baby from? Somebody going to say, hey, Dick gave her a baby.”

“I didn’t get her pregnant,” blubbered Richard “And if I did, if I did, it would be none of your damn business! I’m going to marry Nina! She’s going to be my wife!”

“You going to marry Nina?” said Serge disgusted. He slapped Richard across the face.

Richard teared up. “I love her...” Alex held Richard and Serge punched him hard in the stomach, dropping him to the floor. “You so nasty!” He spat on Richard.

Nina stood in the hall, arms crossed. She didn’t say anything. Richard stood up. “Get out of my house,” he said to them. The boys dried off, grabbed their things and left. Serge said something pointed to Nina in Czech, or Bulgarian, Richard could never understand any of it. Then they left. Nina took a pregnancy test that afternoon. It was positive. Richard didn’t know what to say to her and she locked herself in her room and cried. Nana came out of her room and called him a “sonovabitch.”