With only Nina and Richard in the house now, the sexual games began again. Nina’s foot was in a cast and she resented that she couldn’t find a modeling gig now, couldn’t dance or do anything really, and was getting completely bored of Richard. She mused how she would burn the house down.

Then she came up with a new game: Richard was to be locked in the closet, and only if he was a good boy would he be allowed to have sex with her. It was in this way that Nina had most of the house to herself. If Richard was good, he would be able to come to bed and have his way with her, if he wasn’t he would sleep in the walk-in closet. Richard would sit in front of the closet door in his underwear for hours peering out of a small slit.

Richard would wait all day at work to go back to his closet.

A glimpse of Nina would be all he would need. When he came out, to go to work or use the washroom, she would yell at him, “Bad Richard, Bad!” or the more demeaning form of “Bad Architect, Bad!” when she hated him for designing this monstrosity. She would hit him with her crutches. She started to hate him and would tell him so.

One night after sex, he woke up in the middle of the night (at the bottom of the closet) to the sound of electronic chattering. He peered out the little window and a police cruiser was parked in front of the house, it’s interior lights on. Two police officers were writing something down, and then the interior light went out, and the police cruiser drove off. Nina phoned Richard at work one day and said she had a surprise for Richard, she was getting her cast off and wanted to celebrate.

Richard came home and there was a note from Nina on the door. It said that Richard was to come out of the closet under no circumstance, and he’d be given a “treat.” He waited and waited in the closet. An hour or longer passed (Richard was naked and not wearing a watch). He could hear Nina enter the room and she said, “Just wait a minute and close your eyes.”

Richard’s excitement grew.

Richard saw that Nina was dressed in a sexy black negligée. Nina giggled. “You can open your eyes now, Chad,” she said. Richard was confused. “Richard,” he said. Then some strange young man entered into his vision. He looked like her was a model / hockey player. Chad began to kiss Nina. Richard squirmed. Then Chad and Nina undressed each other.

Nina began to have sex with Chad on the bed. It started slow at first with Chad in a missionary position on top of Nina. She moaned softly until Chad pumped hard into her. They changed their position, with Nina facing the bed. Chad mounted her from behind. Nina made eye contact with Richard through the slit in the closet. She began to scream out Chad’s name with mock orgasmic delight. This infuriated Richard. He burst out of the closet, naked, and scared the hell out of Chad, who ran out of the house, very quickly, and without his clothes.

Nina covered herself. “I told you not to come out of the closet,” she said. Then she laughed at Richard, cruelly, for the first time.